Guide to Re-opening PCPRA Athletic Fields

Kevin Teate

Pike County Parks & Recreation Authority

Guide to Re-opening PCPRA Athletic Fields (6/16/20)

  • Affiliated and Non-Affiliated User Groups will be allowed to rent and utilize PCPRA athletic fields for organized Practices Only. Under no circumstances shall any games and/or scrimmages be played in any capacity.
  • User groups are not authorized to allow other user groups/participants/teams to use PCPRA athletic fields.
  •  It is required that teams must present their Facility Use Permit upon request by PCPRA staff.
  • It is recommended that all practices adhere to current social distancing guidelines.
  • Practice scheduling formats should allow teams to exit the practice area before another team enters the practice area.
  • It is recommended that a current board member (local YAA) be onsite for all practices that take place on PCPRA fields. In the event that a board member can’t be present, compliance of guidelines is assumed by the Head Coach of the team utilizing the field.
  • It is encouraged that all spectators and participants should wear a face covering, except when eating, drinking or exercising.
  • It is recommended that as team members arrive for practice that they should remain in their vehicles until it is time to start to avoid other park users/teams. Only coaches may arrive early for preparation, as required. It is further recommended that the player to spectator ratio be 1:1. It is recommended for all spectators to social distance.
  • It is recommended that teams should enter the practice area from the opposite side of which the previous team has exited.
  • The use of dugouts and player benches is prohibited.
  • It is recommended that teams using the batting cages for hitting should not allow anyone to pick up baseballs/softballs other than the coach throwing batting practice. It is recommended that a maximum of one player and one coach in the batting cage at a time. Teams entering batting cages should sanitize surfaces that are frequently touched before use.
  • It is recommended that all athletic equipment (balls, bats, gloves, helmets, protective gear, etc.) be sanitized before practice and periodically throughout the practice, as needed.
  • Use of PCPRA facility is at your own risk.



Wash hands with soap & water for 20 seconds before, during & after practice. Use hand sanitizer frequently when washing hands is not available.

Touch your face, nets, goal posts, benches or other people’s belongings. Chew sunflower seeds or any other items that involve spitting.

Bring your own water bottle from home.

Handshake, high five, hug, huddle, etc.

Practice social distancing during practices & follow all CDC guidelines.

Share equipment (bat, helmet, glove, water bottles, protective gear, etc.

Wash & disinfect your equipment after every practice.

Come to practice ill.


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